Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dear Blog-blog,

Did not go to work today. Woke up with achy joints, pain, just felt lousy, sick and ok ok a little lazy!

Went to Bumrungrad Hospital to meet my cute rheumatologist (yes! he is cute) and got my eyes checked as well. Blood works shows I am low on lymphocyte, borderline anemic, low C3, C4 ... all....ahhhhahhh I will live after all!!

Paid THB 5K++ for medical tis time...... yeah 'semi-expat' like me is not entitled to full medical coverage.... but, seriously, i think Bumrungrad Hospital is top with service ! (Do you know that they give free distilled cupped water, green tea to visitors!?!) AND, they have got 7 rheumatologist in-house! Ohhh lalala, I, of course selected the cutest doctor ... Dr. Porawat!

Oh ya, while waiting for my blood works results, I went to pray at Erawan! I want to be rich, healthy and happy!! I want money, lots and lots of money!

OK... I need to bath and sleep now...

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