Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dear Blog-blog,

Today, I am oh.... so busy packing...... we are moving ..... office!! To another area called "Laksi"...

Bring me to "Laksi",
Cos I feel oh so "sexy"...

I had "Au Bon Pain" tuna wrap today! THB 75, could have fed many homeless dogs ... oh well, I dropped THB 70 for the "Foundation of homeless doggies" today.

While packing, I started to reminise those very early days when I started my stint in Bangkok .. and how ugly corporate play can become.... disappointment, political back-stabbers, ... there I was, blending to the background, watching, feeling upset, even cried ... but what the fuck, I still cry in the toilet couple of minutes ago. I still couldn't get over with the way Boss C is treating me... what the fuck did I do? To deserve such agony? Must be bad karma.

Oh sexy goddess .. lupie (aka ME!), thou shall not let this man break your fragile heart!! Aaahhh, weep no more tears of sadness, you deserve a better friend? (fuck it! in a foreign country not easy mah....) OK, I will sms Jack today! Who's Jack, patience..... will blog about him, if he replies my sms!

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