Sunday, August 27, 2006

SLE FLARE ... again ?

SLE FLARE ... again ?

Been feeling lousy for the past two weeks or so ... went to see Dr. Porawat today, seems like my WBC (White Blood Cell) count has decreased .... from 4.7 (10 days ago) to 3.4 (today) .... the blood works does not say anything too serious but trend is similar to the last flare I had in January ... which landed me, in ICU for two days. Gosh, looking back, I really think I was dying?

It is very difficult for others to understand the agony of living with lupus. I may appear fine now, but couple of hours later I may feel sick, malaise, pain ... and it is so unpredictable. It makes me think twice before going out, for fear I may not have the energy of making it back home, or ... if I would have enough energy for work tomorrow. I tend to think, it is bad karma ....

Dr. Porawat upped my prednisolone to 10 tablets (50mg) a day, I took 5 tablets five hours ago, and yes, I do feel a little better. See if I still have fever tonight.

It sux to be sick ....

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