Wednesday, July 09, 2008

By all means, AVOID ... First Choice Cat Litter

Weeks ago, I felt very patriotic, wanted to support local products, thus, my decision to buy .... talah.....
"First Choice Cat Litter - RM 7.99"

I am totally disappointed, it doesn't do what it is suppose to do as stated on the packaging :-

  1. Firstly, it is suppose to "clump" BUT nope, it doesn't clump....
  2. Secondly, it smells so bad only after three days! (mind you, I do clean the litter away from its "solid" waste everyday!)

I called up CGH or was it GCH to complain, the customer service requested that I send the product back to Giant - Kinrara for further action.... I did just that and received a RM10 voucher yesterday! It made me feel so CHEAP! If they would have given me a different cat litter as a replacement, I wouldn't have felt so CHEAP. All the trouble just for RM10!

GIANT oh GIANT, next time, please be a bit tacky in handling your complaining customers... don't make them feel cheap ya? I blog when I feel cheap, thus this BAD REVIEW!

If stars are given to rate products, this product ain't getting any! By all means, AVOID! Not cheap too, RM7.99, for such bad quality!

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