Sunday, November 16, 2008

EPF, Contributors and the Country ...

The Star's frontpage today says "Dilemma for EPF contributors" where it mention about how much a contributor loses out if "they decide to opt to have their monthly contribution reduced from the mandatory 11% to the “voluntary” 8%." There are then figures of this, that, and blah blah blah ...

You know what?

I seriously don't understand what is the "big" thing over the reduction. We have "people" complaining, aiya, inflation here, inflation there, high cost of living, then the govt. says, okay, let's reduce EPF contribution, so you "people" can have more disposal income, again, we have "people" complaining about "interest lost" on reduction of contribution. So, what do the "people" want? It is all about "people", "people" and "people". What about the "country". We are facing a possible very bleak, inflation-stricken, then a possible "R" scenario in the "country"... why can't the "people" just shut-up and do it for the "country"?

"People" can still choose between 8% and 11%, so decide and don't complain! The "country" can definitely better with less non-constructive "complaints".


celena said...

Yup, agreed! This has been done before, where the rate was reduced to 9%. There are choices given, no one is at disadvantage, it is up to individual to decide as the reduction is at employees side not employers side, ie employee is in control of that portion of money.

For as long as I can remember ppl have been complaining of inability of EPF in investing or how our money been used to bail out certain company through "investment" with EPF money...then isn't this good for those who complained to take charge of some of their own money. They could invest this money into their own trusted investment fund.

I think it's all about point scoring against governement and drawing attention to potential political candidate.

It is time to unite during economic turmoil. This is a global situation. We have to think how we are going to ride it through. Time might get worst before it gets better. We are not sure how long it takes for the market to rebalance itself again.

EddyBearChew said...

yeah...i wan 8%....even it is a small less....i can feed Yee Yee better,hahaha

Those who feel this and that.....please choose...there is a choice after all,right?

Do what u can for your country lah and my cats(my sis one anyway),my mum,my pc upgrade,my internet fee for "kau lei"

and also the best i can burn DVD movie...hehehe...i am the King ...hehehe

Damn i accidently delete all my Mr Bean collection...when i format my PC again..

Agin,now my PC now come look like Leopard Mac....Coolllll!!