Sunday, November 16, 2008

deShedding Tool, a "Furminator" look-a-like

Another purchase for my furry kids, this time it is a comb!!! A quite expensive comb in comparison to my own comb which cost only RM 3.50 but relatively reasonable in comparison with the ORIGINAL Furminator which cost up to RM140.00.

So, how much did it hurt my pocket this time?
RM 26.90 retail, after 5% discount, RM 25.56. - Pet Safari, Ikano.
I was already reading about the ORIGINAL Furminator and was not expecting to find it in any petshop locally, I didn't even search for it while I was in Pet Safari! It just happened that the guy in front of me at check-out line was paying for one, and immediately I recognised it! He then pointed to the area where he got it! So, you see, it was a "meant", or "fated" purchase ... hmm.. to think of it, all my purchases are fated!!

I tried it first on TIGER, who sheds so much, that I wished I could have a mini vacuum cleaner tied to her tail, 24/7 !! The results .... look below, my dustbin ... see the fur, (ignore the red colour Korean titbits, which, by the way tasted yummy .....). I cannot imagine a cat with such short hair coat like TIGER, sheds so much! No wonder I am having problem breathing at night!

I know I have purchased several silly things in life (like my cat's G-string) but this is one I am happy or proud of!


Blackie007 said...

Wow, you are so lucky...I was reading the same thing you were reading, too. Imagine seeing a guy buying it right at Pet Safari when it was said that we have to order it from Singapore.

Err, how does it work? Is it like shaving off the hair or what? My Blackie sheds a lot, too, especially on hot days.

EddyBearChew said...

Yee Yee also wan lah...

u know
at times, i can see collection of her fur stuck near the front glass door..

So...the fastest way i use blow torch to roast it... all carbon which is friendly to earth...

CazzyCazz said...

I need one of this as well Lupie!! Yaya sheds like crazy and i'm tempted to shave him bold!! Heheheh.... *Hugz*

celena said...

Keep the hair or fur lah...can then spin spin into yarns and make sweater for them mah...akekekekekekek