Thursday, November 13, 2008

Workaholic ... Titbitsholic ... 3443

Workaholic, Titbitsholic ....

You see, I have this part-time job. It is part-time, I shouldn't think about work after those chargeable hours, but I still do!

Tit, not Teat .... I am a titbitsholic .... discovered my hidden "holic"ness during my first visit to the Korean Supermarket. Nowadays, I stray away, during lunch hour, in this Korean Supermarket looking for cheap, near-expired Korean titbits.
They have got so many colourful products that I can't read or understand, thus, I don't feel guilty, calories wise.
I assume it all say "Low Calorie", "Healthy".
Look at all those stunning Korean female superstars, I must be heading the right direction, they all eat titbits.
Mind you, I don't watch those soapy Korean dramas that makes people cry. Life is already complicated enough, and happy endings are limited.

3443 is a company no. ...... so, those kaki-kaki 4D, try your luck. Who knows? Let's not forget poor me here if you strike it rich. Just buy me a big pack 24kg Blackwood for Cats...


renaye said...

ooh. give me a five! i like to go to the korean supermarkets to hunt for expired food so i can get cheaper price. :D especially their instant noodle. HAHA.

lupie said...

Here's a five!!
I wished to try their instant noodles too but ..... I don't take beef la ... Koreans love beef ... hahaha