Friday, December 26, 2008

Dae Jang Gum @ Petaling Jaya Jln 12/20

Eating at Dae Jang Gum today brings back all joy and pleasure I had watching "Jewel In the Place" and I couldn't help having this "Onara" song playing in my mind ...

Onara onara aju ona
Gadara gadara aju gana
Nanari daryeodo mot nonani
Aniri aniri ani none

He-i-ya di-i-ya heiyadara nino
Ojido mothana daryeo gama
Eiiya-diiiya eyanara niro
Ojido mothana daryeo gama

With salad, free flow tea, 11 refillable side dishes, free desserts ... what more could we have asked for?

Side dishes (refillable! Just ask the friendly waiter!)

We had BBQ Pork Belly & Chicken, cooked right in front of us ....

And.... Kim Chi soup with Steamed Egg ...

Being a greedy "oink2" I ordered a set lunch as well, which was a great "value-for-money". Korean Chili Pork (Set2) tasted great, not too spicy, just right for my liking (it was hotter in Thailand, probably "localised"). Comes with "tempura??" too.

Set Lunch is RM14.90 with soup.

Total Bill came to : RM 118.90 for 2 person and a greedy "oink2" ...
What a great lunch courtesy of Beary!!! Muahahahah - yummy yum yum!

Dae Jang Gum add :- 20B-2 & 20B-3, Jalan 14/20, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Tel :03-7957 2613) - near Digital Mall, PJ.


Blackie007 said...

Thanks for sharing this, Lupie!! Very useful when you included the menu, and address (I should include this in future, too). I shall make it a point to go one of these days.

And I enjoyed the Korean song very much, too. Thanks again! *hugs*

celena said...

Wei wei ducky, where's the dvd? you said want to pinjam me since last year?

YUMM YUM, so nice leh, somemore not bad pricing. Last Oct, I went with my good old friend to a Korean Rest in Starhill, lunch for two cost us more than MYR200 leh!

lupie said...

Blackie : {{hugs}} - I love the song too, simple and sweet...

Chicky : I don't have the DVD laa... ask Beary to make... :)
Yes, the food at Dae Jang Gum is very good, service excellent too! And of course, it was all much better as I do not have to foot the bill mah......