Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – I think I have it!

Damn, apart from Lupus, I may have a mental illness known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (ODC) which I across while searching for “excessive burping remedy” for my other half, my human master.

So, why do I think I have OCD? What is OCD?

OCD is a type of mental illness that causes repeated unwanted thoughts. These repeated thoughts can become stressful and eventually fills up time of your life. A person does “repeated action” to get rid of these “repeated thoughts”.

In my case, I’ve always had “repeated thoughts” of if I have switched off the stove, locked the door, switched off the computer – trust me, these “repeated thoughts” can be very stressful if they are work-related.

Once, I checked if the office was locked, 3 times, before I am convinced that it is secured and I can go home!! My hubby hates it when I always asked, “Eh, I locked the door ar?” or “I don’t know if I switched off the stove” ...
When it comes to “stove”, I am always afraid of a “fire” burning down the neighbours’ house or my cats.

I remember when I was working as IT administrator, it became very annoying, worrying and stressful as I always “repeated actions” (because I wasn’t sure if it has been done) to make sure all services is up and running. Plus, I have this feeling of being answerable to each breathing assholes in my previous company. I became very, very X 3 stressful.

As I used to double as an accounts personnel (but was getting one pay), I repeatedly checked if “cheques are signed, dated correctly”, even after I have checked, I still get the nagging feeling of being unsure! Sounds familiar?

Also, I noticed of late, I liked washing my hands. Again, this is a symptom of OCD.

The following is an information from WebMD :-
Symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder tend to come and go over time and range from mild to severe. Anxiety is the most common symptom. For example, you may have an overall sense that something terrible will happen if you don't do a certain task, such as check again and again to see whether the stove is on. If you fail to check, you may suddenly feel tense or anxious or have a nagging sense that you left something undone.

Symptoms of the disorder include:

Obsessions. These are unwanted thoughts, ideas, and impulses that you have again and again. They won't go away. They get in the way of your normal thoughts and cause anxiety or fear. The thoughts may be sexual or violent, or they may make you worry about illness or infection.

Examples include:
o A fear of harm to yourself or a loved one.
o A driving need to do things perfectly or correctly.
o A fear of getting dirty or infected.

Compulsions. These are behaviors that you repeat to try to control the obsessions. Some people have behaviors that are rigid and structured, while others have very complex behaviors that change.

Examples include:
o Washing, or checking that something has been done.
o Counting, often while doing another compulsive action, such as hand-washing.
o Repeating things or always moving items to keep them in perfect order.
o Hoarding.
o Praying.

The obsessions or compulsions usually take up a lot of time-more than 1 hour a day. They greatly interfere with your normal routine at work or school, and they affect social activities and relationships.


Anonymous said...

Owh.. i dont have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.. but i have a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder! Darn!!

celena said...

Hmmm....must be genetic then...I also have! cham lor. That annoying nagging thoughts everytime I go out, sure go back to check whether lock door, switch of stove, pull off plug from socket...

Blackie007 said...

hahaha, Lupie, you're like that dear Jack Nicholson character in As Good As It Gets, huh? :D

I don't have OCD, but my mum has. I have sleep disorder...