Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Pet - Sri Petaling

Okay, this is a free advert for Home Pet, not because they pay me or threaten to have their big (but gentle) MC (Maine Coon) claw me, I just feel the need to tell everyone out there to support pet shop that does its bits for stray little kitties.

First of all, Home Pet gives discounts far better than what you get from those "big pet supplies" chain (i.e. Petsmore, PLC ...).

Secondly, it is a good thing to know that part of profit goes to helping little stray kitties! What could be better? Imagine, discounts and accumulation of merits, two in one!!

Even if I could get better discounts somewhere else, I'd still shop here. You see, what if you save RM 5 on RM 100? The feeling knowing I am doing something nice indirectly outweighs the
RM 5 plastic note!

Lastly, by all means, avoid petshops that have little kittens, puppies cramped together and caged, with a big sign for SALE ...


thefluffies said...

Yeah, we shud support this kinda petshop compares to the ones who only make profit from living stock without screen the pets' quality.

Blackie007 said...

Lupie, hey, that's a great job you did! It's such a nobel thing! *hugs*

I should have thought of it, too. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna post it in my blog, later, too.

Yes, let's support HomePet!

Miss Nadiah said...

Hi, Miss Lupie.

Um, sorry to contact you this way. I just saw your blog when i was browsing over the forum.

My name is Nadiah. I am a student of UKM, and I have a cat problem. I know I should have talk to an expert or something but I think I am more comfortable when asking a person who kept cats at their home.

Therefore, i just want to ask you a Question:

1. I do like to buy a big cage, big enough to keep my two cats, to put their potty, their bed, their food and water supply.How much do these things cost you?

I am planning to bring my cats to UKM. and take care of them until I have moved to my new house in Pedas, N. Sembilan.

Tension because staying with relatives that do not like cats.

Hope you can give me some feedback.

Thank you.