Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life at work as an Overweight Mongrel Doggie...

I am right, it is deja-vu all over again with this new PT job, now that the new sexytary is here...

BOSS gave her a new prepaid mobile, and when she asked if she should get me one.

BOSS looked at me and said to her, "Nah... she doesn't need one".

I remember working like a dog with my previous company, only to be treated like a mongrel.. whereas, "pe-degree" dogs gets all the treats! In Thailand, my stupid other BOSS (not this one) did the same thing to me too! He gave another "pe-degree dog" a mobile no. because he needed to contact her (I wonder why didn't he used a whistle!) and at the end of the day, he rang my number instead because "Ruffle" didn't hear her phone ringing!

Also, BOSS is trying to justify this sexy-tary and oh my god, he is putting whatever I am currently doing under her job description! Oh dear! The next thing you know, he'll send me to SPCA or PAWS and and and being an overweight Mongrel, I'll be put down!!!!! OMG!!!!! This is matter of life and death!

I need to strategise. I need to leave this PT job before it hurts me! :)

God above, I pray that I get some sort of hint (like the TOTO Jackport perhaps??) .... :)

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Blackie007 said...

awww....Lupie, please don't let those stupid people make u feel upset.

even though i've never met you before, i can feel you are a very kind-hearted person. so, in my eyes, you are a pedigree, and those people are dirt.

and the fact that you could still find humour in the situation just proves that you are a better person than them.