Saturday, April 18, 2009

The "bank" - HSBC, only frustration ...

What do I dislike most about banks?

I tell you, it is the Customer Service Officers, you know the toll-free numbers that is suppose to be ever so helpful in giving you not-so-correct advices and excuses.

The company I worked for banks with HSBC and seriously it has been a very tiring, frustrating (not to mention I am digusted) from the very first day!
Their answers are always er... er... inaccurate!
It took us lots of dings and dongs (ding dongs) even trying to setup account.

Just yesterday, I have to say, I am DDF (disappointed, disgusted and frustrated (or f*cked)) again. Here's my story - days before approaching the branch to set up the BIB (or Business Internet Banking), I first called the Customer Service to enquire if it is possible to set-up users who are not present in Malaysia for BIB (directors, authorised personnel are all in overseas), guess what? They said "YES".

When we approached the bank, guess what again? Appears that BIB users has to be presence in Malaysia to sign the forms in front of an officer (why they f*cking don't state it on the form??? and their call center assistants are ever so wrong!!!!!) - lucky me, my boss dragged the director to the branch (though I told him I could just submit the form), so at least we have one user now (the director!).

Also, it was even luckier that my boss is a VIP customer getting some really serious VIP treatments at HSBC, seriously, I cannot imagine how sorry I'll be if it was me taking the "director" to HSBC!

Yeah rite (me now trying to show a certain finger) ... The World's Local Bank?? Please laa ....
Buck-up HSBC! I may not have even monies to rock your world but I can still be pissed and write about it "cyberlly"...


Mummy Zuan said...

agree with you lupie..sometimes banks/tm customer service department is very tak guna punya..i also kena one time.i have to wait for almost an hour just to open an account and there is no one at their C/S corner..and only 3 customers that day!!

Blackie007 said...

wow! what a f***-up!!! lucky for you your boss dragged your director there, if not that would have been one wasted trip to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Hsbc it appears is consistent in its inefficiency . Hsbc India is equally bad . If they ever have a competition on which is the worst Hsbc they'll have quite a competition ending in a draw because there would be so many branches that qualify :)