Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life is so grand ....

I've been given this precious award by . Seriously, I am not sure how to this but I guess first step would be to copy the award image and paste it to my blog?
Anyway, guidelines are to give 5 reasons why you think life is grand and er.. forward to another 5 bloggers who deserve this very special award! <--- me = special, hahaha ...
Why I think life is GRAND?
  1. I've got a great hubby (I think .. hehehe)
  2. I've got great mommy & daddy.
  3. I've got great silly-blings (Eddy Bear & Chicky)
  4. I've got 8 cats + 4 visiting cats outside.
  5. I've got lupus, which made me appreciate life even more.

And, I am passing this award to ....

1. Lovely Mummy Zuan

2. Chicky Celena

3. CazzyCazz

4. Amanda

5. BabyZee


Cazzy said...

roger tht!! Doing it on Sunday n thanks for the tag my dear!

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!will do it soon...

Anonymous said...

Glad u like the award :D