Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mission Muffin ...

Did I mention that I finally have an oven at home?
Bought it at Tefal Warehouse sale today for RM 350.00 ... hehehehe
Anyway, unlike my sister, who is a great cook, I am a total idiot and what happened today will only add to my confidence of idiocy.

I surfed online for a muffin recipe, mind you, a fool-proof one. Lucky me, I manage to find one - easy to make "Banana Muffin", which I further improvised by adding chocolate chips and some almond flakes to it. It was meant for 12 muffins, so I halved the ingredients (in an agak-agak way). I was quite generous on "sugar" for I didn't know that chocolate chips are of the sweetened type. Well, not exactly my big mistake yet.

The recipe said "350 degrees for 20 minutes" - I looked at my oven and said to myself, "Hey, I have been cheated! The knob is only up to 260. Oh well, nevermind, I'll make it cook a little longer at 260." To cut it short, I have six burnt muffin staring at me. 350 is ferenheit and not celcius.

Thank you for reading.


Mummy Zuan said...

hehe...lupie,try again...i am a terrible cook too..nasib baik my hubby telan saja whatever i cooked..

Blackie007 said...

muahhahahaha!!!! But I'm just as hopeless!! :)

celena said...

Hmmm....260 c is about 500 farenheit leh...the tempreture for pizza baking leh :-o

Don't give up Ducky! Try and try again, sure soon you become a real baker :-)

thefluffies said...

muahahahahahah! dont give up! try again!!!

owh... btw, we have an award for u! come and redeem, okies?