Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fancy Feast is here!

Those into buying cat food would have probably heard of Fancy Feast by Purina in form of premium wet cat food for fussy little pussies, oopss I mean cats ....

Behold my feline slaves, their version of dry cat food, kibble has hit the local supermarket! Packaging looks extremly classy (aluminium type..). Comes in three flavours, Savoury Choice (Chicken, Turkey, Vegetable flavours), Ocean Platter (Tuna, Prawn, Mackerel and Crab flavour) and Roasted Selection (Beef, Salmon & Cheese flavour) - all made in Australia.

One bag is 450gm, sold at RM 9.99 with a FOC can of Fancy Feast Roasted Succulent Chicken! - made in Thailand.
The can food itself would have retailed between RM 2.50 - RM 3.00.
I bought mine in Giant Kinrara on Monday.

Worth to note, as I went shopping for more cat food today, I noticed that at JUSCO, Fancy Feast dry kibbles is going for RM 9.90, without FOC canned cat food. However, they are handing out free samples with purchase of Fancy Feast. Hmmm ... I thought samples should be free?

How does my food testers (Lulu, Salem) likes Fancy Feast?
Lulu, I guess she is okay with it. Won't go terribly crazy over it. She doesn't like the one with "beef". (She is one very fussy lady!)
Salem? Well, he eats almost anything, anytime. Appears to like all flavours very much.

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