Saturday, April 11, 2009

Perfume ..... (or "Minyak Wangi" in Bahasa Malaysia)

I am not very perfume knowledgeable. I don't follow trends, but rather I follow my nose!

Two perfume scents that I have always loved are :-
"SUNFLOWER" by Elizabeth Arden
"AQUA" by Giorgio Armani
I guess I am those type into flowery, powdery sort of scent.

Scents that I cannot stand are those of manly, masculine type, strong type. One in particular that I have been given is Occur by Avon, which was created in the 1960's', mind you, it was a present, I am not that OLD! Created way before I was born. Anyway, back to its scent, I am not a fan of OCCUR's strong sandalwood scent, I hate to say this but it reminds me of a typical Chinese-Taosim altar for prayers!


Blackie007 said...

passers-by might think you're spending a lot of time in the Taoist temples. ;)

Anonymous said...

happy easter lupie

Chris Thoo said...

i hardly use any....XD

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!