Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Remedy - Cat's Ear "Mighty" Mites

Ear mites is a tiny, eight-legged pests that takes the ears of your cat as hotel accomodation, mind you, FULL BOARD, they eat, sleep, poo and breed inside your cats' ears! (just like fleas!)

If you see your furry ones scratching his ears vigorously, it is time to check their ears for coffee-lookalike bits. It can be quite bad and your cats can actually scratch themselves raw, bleeds.

The one home remedy that has always brought positive result is the oil treatment, drop two or three drops of olive oil (OLIVE OIL, no other oil pls!!! I tried peanut oil once, it was disasterous!) into each ears, massage a little to help "suffocate" or smother those mites. After a minutes or two, ears will be oiled and cleaning up the black bits (and mites included) will be easier. Continue doing it daily for up to a month to completely eradicate those pesty mites.

You can also use baby oil (mineral oil) in place of olive oil too.


Blackie007 said...

just curious....what happened when you used peanut oil??

thefluffies said...

how about vaselin?

lupie said...

I tried peanut oil on GARLIC once, thinking it is "oil" after all and her whole ear turned red! Please, never ever use other than Baby or Olive Oil!

I don't think Vaselin will work, it is like a paste, right? Need oil, liquid to suffocate those pesty mites!

Blackie007 said...

oops, I think I know why, peanut oil and garlic don't go well together....they interact...haha.

but on a serious note, hope garlic's ear is fine now. *hugs to garlic*

Mummy Zuan said...

thanks for the useful tips lupie..