Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Colour Deficiency? Ears Clogged, thank god? or thanks to Meow Kung?

I woke up with the feeling of clogged ears today. No, I am not going to start with ramblings about my ears today, but rather, "sight" ..... Ears later.

Yesterday I went to see the EYE doctor or "Ophtomologist" ... (see me, trying to get all technical and intelligent - spelling is probably wrong and I don't feel well to even google for it!)
I missed a perfect score (again!) on the Ishihara test. Previously I scored 13/17, yesterday 14/17 and in 2007 17/17! 

What's Ishihara test? Well, it is similar to the computer eye sight that that you do to get you during your driving theory test. I remember failing when on "trial" test last year, thank god I passed during the "actual" test. Anyway, back to this Ishihara, well, it is suppose to screen for colour deficiency or colour blindness, I am showing "slight" symptons of red-green colours deficiency, which is common as "heriditary in boys!" 

I am going for another "test" tomorrow, I can't believe that Doc wants to see me so soon. Feels VVIP at the moment. It will be a more detailed test. Oh well, I am sure it will be normal as I have tried several online tests and I passed! Hehehehehe 
Doc is concerned over my colour deficiency as I was 17/17 before and it was only late last year I started having difficulties reading the slides.  It doesn't sound heriditary, it, "touch wood" can be nerve related. I even heard her utter CNS (Central Nervous System), but then she decided to use a different term like "neuropathy". Anyway, she looked into my eyes and said, "Nothing to worry about, just want to make sure that we are covered, okay?" (How sweet...)

Then I said, "Doc, I got bitten by a stray cat yesterday, should I be worried?" I showed her Meow Kung's fangs mark. She looked at it and suggested that I go to the Emergency Room. 

So, I walked to the ER, almost being turned away by the chap over at the outside counter until I uttered, "I have SLE, I want the doctor to look at it ...", then, he gave me a "T" tag to register. Registration was only ONE MALAYSIAN RINGGIT!

I waited for one and a half hours before being called in. I have to say, the room does look like the one you watched in ER. Although in my opinion, Selayang ER looks more organised, less blood. There are loads of elderly people on beds, being monitored. "Cat bite" victim like me was treated very quickly with a blood screen and I was released in about 15 minutes! I was directed to collect my medicines at the Pharmacy, waited less than 10 minutes for my meds! Wow ... I am impressed...

Now, ramblings about my ears. I suspect it is due to the antibiotics that I am taking, making my ears feel clogged, like a noise filter. I feel very lethargy today, been sleeping for hours and a little feverish. Good thing is, I can't really hear the renovation noise my house. I can hear bang, bang, bang, knock but it is just not as loud.

God Bless BLOGGER.COM .... :)


celena said...

aiyooo step on meow kung's tail ar? Nasib baik no rabies...ducky take care leh, chicky worry {{{hug}}}}

Blackie007 said...

is it allergic reaction to the antibiotics? maybe you might want to call Selayang Hospital (I have the number if you need it) to check? I am worried, too. Please take care, dear. And please keep us posted. {{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Alamak.. Have u call the doc to check?