Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Muscle Cramps!

Apart from feeling clogged ears, I had a bad case of muscle cramp yesterday ( pregnant, am I? just joking...)

It started at the sink, I was about to wash the dishes (at 2 a.m), I lift one leg slighty off the ground (no, I am not peeing like a dog, I didn't know why I did that) and I felt a shot of pain moving from my sole, calf, to my thigh and then to the other leg ... my god, it was so painful that I screamed out for "darllllinggggggg........." ... it lasted about one minute but felt like one f**king hour.

I have a feeling it is a case of "bad reaction" towards this antibiotic that I am taking Xylid, Cefuroxime Axetil 250mg twice a day. 

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