Saturday, May 02, 2009

Garlic and Onion "fixed" ...

With two "catsonovas" lurking around, I am not taking my chances. Garlic and Onion have been fixed.

Garlic is still at the vet, will be bringing her back tomorrow.

Onion's surgery was done at Klinik Kembiri. She looks a bit weak and upset at the moment. Can't "belly rub" her for now.


Mummy Zuan said...

i also want to neuter my jolie and princess lily...hehe..soon..after back from my holiday,balik kampung..

thefluffies said...

Get well soon, girls!

Have a speed recovery! *hugs*

Blackie007 said...

You'll be alright, soon, Onion. Just rest and let your meowmmy care for you --- she knows best.

*Hugs to Onion and Garlic*

lupie said...

ONION and GARLIC say : meowww meeeoww meow meow mee, meow meow ow.

translated to "slave" language : we will be all-right soon , lap u all!