Saturday, May 09, 2009

Garlic! Frustrated!

Putting myself in GARLIC's paws, I'd be as frustrated as she is right now, being restrained by this weird Elizibethan collar ... being mocked at by ONION and GINGER and couldn't even lick my a** after shee shee and poo poo.

GARLIC's sutures condition is worrying. The pet shop owner who arranged for spaying will get the VET to call me today after a reminder sms I sent him.

Oh GARLIC, meowmmy is sorry for all this. {{hugs}}


Blackie007 said...

oh no! oh, poor, poor eyes teared up looking at GARLIC's sutures. {{{loads of hugs to GARLIC}}}

It uncomfortably made me remember Cazzy's experience with a less than qualified vet when she sent one of her cats for spaying. I don't mean to add to your worry, dearest Lupie, but Cazzy's cat's sutures burst open one day.

So, what did pakcu's partner said about this?

I think you need to highlight this in the hall of shame so that other innocent cat owners will not send their cats there.

{{{sending lots of positive vibes and hugs to both GARLIC & LUPIE}}} May GARLIC have a speedy recovery.

Jimmy said...

Both surgery look like done by amateur but at least Onion is heal. Garlic surgical cut look open to me if it is so it’s dangerous. Yellow lotion alone won’t help you as infection cud be taking place inside her already. Send her to the vet ASAP, if the current vet don’t see any danger in an unhealed surgical cut go to another one, this time make sure it’s a more experience vet. A lousy spay/neuter done by amateur vet cud cost the live of your love pet, so don’t take such chances.

cookie said...

I agree with Jimmy that Garlic needs immediate attention. Make sure the vet clean the wound properly including inside meaning whatever fluid or pus (if any) must be cleaned and drained before stitching.

Anonymous said...

Go to the vet, now!! Now!! Now!!!

Oh sorry... but i am panick!!!