Friday, May 08, 2009

Our Kingdom's Population Growth

Our Kingdom has grown by five overnight!

Nursing meowmmy that we have been feeding brought her 5 kittens to our front door! YES! No joke! Our front door!

I caged the kittens as they were running all around under my hubby's van and gosh, one even hid in one of the tyres! Three of them have eyes infection, one is particularly bad.

I hope they'll grow up well and healthy for good loving homes soon!!

P:S: My "boss" made me very upset yesterday. These kittens somehow came to cheer me up!


Blackie007 said...

That's one clever meowmmy. She knows you will provide safety and love for her kittens while they grow up. The kittens are very cute...hey, take close up individual shots of them if you can. :)

<< s| teD| yanG GOmuK >> said...

erk!! kucing ni di tinggalkan kat depan rumah you ke..???

wah!!! owner dia mesti dah buat servey awal-awal!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard some ppl said, cats can smell who is who. They know which person has a good heart and which person is not...

U are one of person who has a beautiful heart. That actually leads the meowmmy to u :)