Friday, May 08, 2009

The Girls (Onion & Garlic)

Okay, first picture is out-of-topic, just typical GINGER trying to show his "thangs" (but I am sure his "thangs" are not there!!!)

GARLIC head who we sent for spaying last Friday appears to be having problem with her sutures. I've put her on a neck collar and applied "yellow lotion" as suggested by vet. ONION who we sent on Saturday for spaying has recovered very well. Considering that ONION was fixed a day later and healed better than GARLIC is making me worry about GARLIC...

ONION, showing her belly ..... I am just too sexy for everything! Meow!

ONION was spayed at Klinik Kembiri-SPCA and as you can see from the photo below, it has almost completely healed!

Spaying ONION at Klinik Kembiri cost us RM 70.00. More details on Klinik Kembiri :-

God, please make Garlic heal better ...


Blackie007 said...

hehe, ONION sure looks sexy with a naked belly, and tit-tit showing. Lol!!!!

But poor Garlic....she was sent to pakcu's shop, wasn't she? It looks worrying. Poor Garlic. How is she, overall? Eating well? **Sending lots of positive vibes and hugs to Garlic.**

lupie said...

ONION is such a show off really, she loves belly rub! She has got layers of fat too!

GARLIC is eating well, I just hope the suture will close and dry up by itself. :)

Thanks Blackie for positive vibes, GARLIC really needs it to heal! :)

Blackie007 said...

Yeah! I can see ONION's belly flap...if she wears pants or skirts, it'll hang over like a pot-belly, hahaha. Very cute. Aww, give her a belly rub for me. Can't resist her naked belly. ;)

I'm glad GARLIC is eating well and will continue to send loads of positive vibes and hugs her way so that she'll have a speedy recovery! *muacks-muacks to GARLIC*

<< s| teD| yanG GOmuK >> said...

hik hik hik!! montel si halia ni!!

Anonymous said...

Sending a lot of vibes and purrrs tu Garlic too!

Those photos of Garlic (esp the stitches) reminds me of my first cat, Momoy that died after the surgery due to pyometra. We missed Momoy so much :(

Garlic will ok soon.. dun wori :) Get well soon, Garlic!!!