Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pet World Malaysia 2009

Pet World Malaysia 2009 - Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
3-5 July 2009
10am to 9pm
Adult Entrance - RM 5

Now, how big is this Pet World exhibition to a Pet slave?

To compare, it will be like a PC Fair to IT Nerds.
Or MATTA fair, to those who love to see the world.

To me, simply, to get as many free sample as possible, as to make up to the RM 5, I paid. :)

We got to Mid Valley at about 1 pm, there weren't many people and walking around was a breeze, no armpit smell or whatsover detected.

This is the only photo I took of the event, why? My camera suck, couldn't capture a good enough photo of moving animals, unless frozen or steamed. Flash was not allowed.

What a beauty .... look at his double chin! (And I thought mine was huge!) ... Lovely bunny. So sweet looking with pink colour ribbon.

Also, I do not like to take pictures of young, confused kittens in cages. They looked so stressed and terrified!

NOW EVERYONE, say no to BACKSIDE, oops I mean BACKYARD BREEDERS! One of such backside breeder on display was I-M-A-D-I ... yes, kittens are very cute, wait till you see his facility, he breeds them like chicken.

Anyway, I guess I did manage to recoup my RM 5 at the IAMS stand. Just give your address for a free pack sample. The guy on the counter wanted to give me the regular IAMS pack, I said, no no, I want the "Natural" one - that trial pack has a retail value of RM 6.

By the time we left at about 3.30pm, we can see that the queue for tickets has tripled! It was starting to get very crowded! Lucky us, we are going home laa...

See photos below of my "takings" of the day, with my "masters" checkin them out ... See the PURA cat litter, I bought two big bags. Second bag was at a 50% discount.
Luckily, I have Beary to carry 40lit of cat litter for me!

Lulu checking out SAVA samples. (SAVA booth was the most generous of all with free samples and a tumbler!)

Vitakraft, Lulu's favourite brand of treats! She loves this yoghurt treat!
Lucky for her Salem & Manja don't like it, so more for Lulu!

What not to miss :-

Snappy Tom is offering very good discounts on canned wet food!

Vitakraft on a buy second item at 50% discount promo! Time to spoil your little kitties.

PURA litter sand 20lit @ RM 57, second bag at 50% discount. Each bag comes with a litter pan and scoop! Cool Eh? The demo on litter was very good. Fine sand, clumping, absorb quickly and good odour control!

This is SALEM, after trying out most of the samples, treats. Full, Happy and Sleepy!


Blackie007 said... much sample you got ahh..
poor eddy bear, the bags carrier. :)

thefluffies said...

Hello Aunty Lupie!
U went to the Rabbit Show too? Mom participate in the Fancy Bunny Costume and she won the 2nd place with her KING costume!

She went home this evening with 2 huge bags of goodies. Rabbit goodies, and none for us! Pfftttt!!!

The Purrs,
Memon & Jebat

katztales said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog. I didn't go to the MCMM thing (meetings *sad face*) but I wondered if what it would be like. I tend to avoid those indoor things because the ones I have been too are filled with stressed out animals. Too, too sad. I'm going to the Dogathon though - it's outside and I hear it's full of dogs having a good time. Will report on my blog after.

Love the look of your fuzzies! Nice floofy tails...

Anonymous said...

Same like you, I was given the Pura Pet Cat Litter as a sample at the Pets World Expo in Midvalley..I found it very good to use... problem is... now I Cannot seem to find the same Litter anywhere... Do you know of any plaCe in Klang Valley that Carries this brand??

Many thanks