Monday, July 06, 2009

X-Boss T

It is confirmed that X-Boss T will appear in front of me very soon - say, next week?
Damnit ...
Damnit ...
Damnit ...

You should see the way he word his email, trying to find employment here, being so nicey to Boss-P, god, I need to puke.

The fact is, he is pulling cables (i.e. Boss-P) to get into a local company, and at the same time eyeing for the current co. that I am with ... f**k it.
Well, that's X-Boss T - a typical, calculative sly.
So, I'd say f**k it ... I don't care and will not be bothered.

If the current co. gets him in, then I'll just decide, one very fine day to have a big lupus flare and say, "bye bye", I won't stay to watch you lick asses, I rather watch my cats lick their asses ... more fun and honest.
Also, probably put up a big banner that say "SO LONG SUCKER" ...

Damn, I do hate him ... after all, he was the sucker who made my life miserable, belittled me for many many years.

P:S: He also dislike pets. He thinks that they are a waste of money. F**k him!


Blackie007 said...

Lupie dearest,

This type of small people are not worth your time & energy. The only word to describe this kind of people is - worm! He's just a dirty, crawly little worm, not worthy to even crawl in your shadow.

He has to belittle you to make himself feel big & important, that's all. Don't let him get to you.

If you get tired of watching your cats lick each other's asses, come & watch my Blackie licks his own's definitely a very honest action.... :D

<< s| tED| >> said...

manyak marah ini kakak lupie!!!

katztales said...

A beautiful vent!