Thursday, October 15, 2009

It is me again ...
I know, it was only yesterday I confided in you ..

I woke up this morning feeling okay and was getting ready to work when my larling said to me, "You are going to work? You never change. You always put work first, not well still want to work. See what happened in Thailand? Hospitalised twice! You will die if you continue like this ... Company can replace you anytime ... "
Yup, that's my hubby ... direct, insensitive and pain in the ass... but, there are truth in what he said. So, I end up not working today.

Instead, I wrote a little email to evil evil T, and c:c P and M not S though .. giving remark that I am never kept in the loop of the dark dark evil plans they have and I am suppose to implement them .. fuck ... yeah ... I know P will not like it because he brought evil evil T to my then happy working life ..... but what the fuck ... I don't care.
P used people, like how he convinced me to work with him when he had no one else. Anyway when he took sexy"tary" in, he tried to sideline me almost immediately, BUT sexy"tary" being 'BARBIE AT WORK", or should I say 'CHAT'", he still had to rely on me on common sense related issues.
(I can hear her typing all the way in the office, not working but chatting, I should do that too but heck, I am not BARBIE enough to get away with it ... sigh ...)


celena said...

HUGS my little darling. Dash the job and those evil people!! Your health is more important. What the "%^$%*£$^$£!*^& people bullying you!!! Don't be sad, chicky here. You have a place to come to for rest if you need. LOTS OF HUGS!!!!

katztales said...

Sounds like it's time to look for new job! Somewhere with nice people?

We've posted a story to our blog today, so if you want a 5 minute read, drop by. http://www,

Blackie007 said...

so sorry to hear this, lupie dear. sounds like history is trying to repeat itself. I think it's high time you leave the company, as your sis said. say bye-bye, good riddance to bad rubbish. your health is more important, they are not worth you landing up in selayang hospital ward. remember that. {{{hugs}}}