Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear blog blog,

It has been a while since I last called you "blog blog"
You were my best confidante when I was struggling in Thailand..
You gave this little ugly duckling hopes when everything looked gloomy..
Blog2, evil-evil T is here again, I felt so belittled again .. what am I suppose to do?

I am so sick of being weak, I am so tired of pretending that I am strong..
No one cares, unless you are sexy or bitchy enough ..

Even if I die sitting in front of my computer while working, I doubt my boss will realise, unless I start to rot and contaminate the air ... who cares about this ugly duckling who works her feathers off?

Ugly duckling suffers again ... under the influence of the evil-evil T...

Evil-evil T is making her sick ... she has traces of protein, blood in her urine again! More antibiotic for little poor ugly duckling....

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