Monday, October 05, 2009


Okie, what have I got in common with my cats and kittens?

We are all on antibiotics! Now how cool can that get eh?

Cats were having bouts of recurring URTI (ping pong effect, that's what the vet calls it ..) and here I am having to fend off a nasty UTI (eh.. not really that nasty anyway, I don't feel anything BUT protein was detected in my urine and my ESR doubled!)

Infection was detected about a month ago when I was at Selayang for my regular check-up, there were no protein detected at his point but yucky yucky bacteria in my urine. Doctor gave me Xylid - Cefuroxime, 2 tablets twice a day = 1000 mg of antibiotic a day.

This was the same antibiotic that I suspected to have adverse reactions on ME!

I tried the antibiotics again and I had the same symptoms like in May (when I was bitten by Meow Kung and ER prescribed it to me). First day, fullness in the ears, by the second day, muscle was acting up, I called up the Pharmacist, she suggested that I stop the meds and go to ER for a new antibiotic, which, I didn't ... I just stopped taking the meds (it took 3 days for the muscle aches to clear off!).

I have totally forgotten about this infection until, my kittens peed on my PATHLAB vouchers (blood diagnostic package that we bought like a year ago ..). Oh well, vouchers were smelly and I immediately suggested to hubby to go have our blood tested and get rid of the vouchers!

It was then revealed in my blood test that infection is still there, urine shows slight protein, blood and elevated ESR reading (value : 40, normal 0-20). I went to a GP to fix it and now I am on antibiotic (different type - amoxycillin ..), 1000mg a day and anti-fungal for 7 days. I've been on it for 3 days, no muscle spasm or whatsover ... so, I guess all it well and it is definitely a good thing that kittens peed on the PATHLAB vouchers (among my other things!)...

Let's just hope I get rid of the UTI quick and less one worries on my already clouded mind!

URTI - Upper respiratory tract infection
UTI - Urinary tract infection
ESR - dunno la, some test that indicates inflammation!
ER - Emergency Dept


sI tEDI said...

Harap semuanya akan okey sis..

bak kata org .. "ada hikmahnya anak kucing tu pooo peed kat baucer tu.. :)

take care sis.. jangan lupa makan ubat!!

katztales said...

Oh boy you'd all better take c\good care of each other. Hope you're better soon!