Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dr. M says ....

Dr. M says ...

".......reiterated his call for a closed-door discussion to resolve the situation following the attacks on four churches in the Klang Valley..."
(Everything also "closed-door", something to hide issit? Rakyat don't have the right to know?)

"... pointed out that using the legal avenue to settle certain matters might not take into account sensitive issues, which could provoke tension."
(So, cannot use legal avenue then use what??? Tell me, use what?)

"So, for the best interest of the nation, we must choose a better approach,"
(U sure or not, best interest of the nation .... sure or not or just ... for the interest of .....)

“Some people might make demands because they are mature but there are those around them who might not be. I think we should not be toeing the line of Western countries on the idea of being liberal”
(So ... are you saying - give in to the morons who likes to play with fire? Then why spend millions and millions of RM sending government sponsored students to western countries?)

Okay, okay Dr. M you are entitled to your "retired" opinions ... so am I ... I dislike your previous admin, you sent so many Ali, Ahmad to U (sometimes overseas) and left Ah Kau and Muthu feel unloved ... like "anak-tiri"!


Blackie007 said...

He's the one who's guilty of racial politics, turning M'sia into what it is today.

lupie said...

YES! I never liked him, he is the biggest racist who created more racist minions and now these are out of control!