Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling sick ...

Dear Blog-blog,

I have slight fever, measured at 37.3C no wonder I felt a little feverish.
Plus, having dry mouth - it is so fucking sad when I try to talk but my mouth just sticks together like UHU. Makes me sound funny, like a duck.

Am I developing Sjogren? I hope not .. well, at least my eyes are not dry, just a little burning as if I am tired ... oh f-it ..

My bones hurts too, not muscle but bones ... it feels like it is hurting inside? Oh whatever ... it just f-king annoying (not that painful really ..) ..

Seeing the doctor tomorrow, let's just hope I don't end with a blur trainee doctor who stares at me blankly and all he/she does is repeat order the meds ...


Blackie007 said...

oh no, you poor thing. are you going to be at selayang tomorrow? i'm having my annual eye checkup there tomorrow. appmt is at 10am, but knowing selayang, i won't be done until well after 2pm, as usual.

lupie said...

My appt was 10.00am too! If only I checked my blog before going off to Hospital Selayang!

Everything okay with your eyes? :)
Sexy eyes need more attention! :)

Blackie007 said...

oh no, we were in the same bldg at the same time! wished we cld have met.

eyes alright, there was a tear in my retina (from the bang on my head 1.5 years ago) but it's a completed hole, with scarring, so no laser required. :)