Saturday, January 30, 2010

Polydactyl Cat, Roti Canai Stall @ Cherating

On our way back to KL on second day of 2010, we stopped by a road-side food stall for roti canai, somewhere in "Cherating" and bumped into this polydactyl kitty! He is so so handsome!

This is a very special lucky kitty, with power proven through the brisk business experienced by the stall owner! He is friendly too! :) The harbinger of luck and joy to those who stop, look and counts his toes!


sI tEDI said...

dia pakai stokin pendek... kiuttt miutt!!

ha ha ha

Watierman, rmanbkr said...

One smart cat.....macho too!!

Cik Biol said...

very2 the ensem ekeke