Thursday, January 28, 2010

Touched by an Angel ...

I felt god's presence today and I cried ..

Eversince knowing I need to do a kidney biopsy, I've been feeling so alone. As though the whole world just don't care anymore. I put on a brave front when I go to work - I joked about my kidneys. Telling people, it is simple, everything will be okay.

Now, I am covering for a colleague who is hospitalised. I worry for her - but at the same time, I don't know if I should worry for me.

Today, I went to a GP to have my daily BP checked. I told her about the biopsy, as usual I put on my strong fort. I told her my biopsy is on Tuesday and I am afraid of pain, she checked my pressure - 140/90 and as I was about to leave, the sweet, sweet doctor asked if she can pray for me and she held on to my hands, went on and on, with prayers so specific, so touching and I just broke down and cried. I hugged her, again and again.

My fort was already crumbling down, all I had was just some stupid UHU glue to keep it together. I cried, I felt GOD.

All I can say is, GOD couldn't send me an SMS to say he cared, but he sent an Angel instead.

Thank you GOD ... I love you too ...


myQza said...


bergenang airmata baca ini.

Jadi kuat okey!

saya doakan untuk kamu!
semoga kamu kuat dan tabah!

kami orang melayu selalu cakap,
jika kita suka kucing , bela kucing ... kucing akan doakan untuk kita.

smile sis.. dont cry!

ape2 jer said...

sejak 2004 ekk tau ada SLE
jgn lupa mkn ubat
paling penting..
sy sejak 2002 dah dpt tau ada sle
dan sekarang semakin baik..
kamu kuatkn semangat..
byk2 doa
ubat jgn lupa mkn

Watierman said...

Be strong still have friends out here who cares....take you will be fine!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jesus comforts and will heal you. I pray that you will find strength and healing through God. Jesus will sustain you in your darkest valleys, in your most troubled times. Seek him and He is faithful... Take care and remember that we are praying for you... :)

umi_e said...

Salam... doa kak e dan yang lain bersama lupie semoga tiada apa yang serious... Allah menyayangi hambaNYA... Take care