Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bring it on .... Varicella-Zoster (you "chicken")

(YIKES! Looks at the expiry date? YIKES? probably a "recycled" container ... fingers crossed!)

There you have it - antivirals - Acyclovir 800mg - 5 times a day for 10 days at an 4-hrs interval!! (Again, why am I on antivirals? Well, that's because I am on "prednisolone", medication which suppressed my immune system and now, I need some extra "help", you know like a "hired gun" in mafia... to fight off the "buggers")

I took the first dose at 11.00 am, Sunday (has to be taken as soon as the first onset of rash, which was Saturday, afternoon ..)

Is it working? I don't know! I still "itch" like mad - more "popping" out!!
Calamine lotion helps with itch but I feel like "scratching" it!!! This is surely a test of patience!!!
Aaaarrgggghhhhhhhhhhh .....


The Chair Speaks said...

This is not as bad as having herpes zoster or shingles, my friend. Hang in there and soon it will be over. In chicken pox, it is the itch while shingles, it is the PAIN!

lupie said...

A friend's sister had Shingles, yeah, she said it hurts like mad!!

But "chickenpox" opens door for "shingles" - right?!!! I wonder if there's vaccination for "shingles" ...

The Chair Speaks said...

The only way not to have shingles is not to have chicken pox.

After recovery from chicken pox, the virus lies dormant in the nerves of the backbone waiting for the right time to strike when your health is down.