Sunday, February 07, 2010

Chicky Pox!!! I've got Chicken Pox!!!!!!!!!!

Title says it all - I have CHICKEN POX! POX AYAM! @ 32 - late bloomer or what!

I'd definitely have a big scar on my neck as I pressed it so many times thinking it was a pimple! And now, it look like a moon crater! - There goes my modelling career for HABIB JEWELS .. dream on anyway!

It all started like yesterday afternoon, I felt a little "pimple" like thing on my neck, as usual, at itchy as most my fingers are, I pressed, "picit", it felt watery but I didn't bother. Then later I felt smaller ones behind my neck, again, I "press", "picit" ...

Then, went to a family DO, makan-makan.

When I returned home, I looked into my ...
"MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL ........... what the f**k are there two blisters like thing on my eyebrow ?? huh????"

Then I went to my other half - "hey, hey does this look like chicken pox, check behind my neck la, anything?" Yeah, he said some red dots .... so, okay, let's wait till tomorrow morning"

This morning, I went to the ER in Hospital Selayang as I'm under their Rheumatology & now, Nephro and just had my kidney biopsy last Tuesday!!! I was expecting all sorts of questions just to get into the "GREEN LANE" but surprisingly, all went well - smoothly - paid RM 1 to register, then my turn for the vital check (yup pressure high - 155/97 or something like that, then I showed the nurse the "spots" - I said I "picit" but funny no fever or whatsover (the power of prednisolone, once again!!) - then went to see the doc, yup - "Varicella zoster" - some fancy name for that "chicken".

It must be my lucky day because "everyone" was so so compassionate!!!!! From the guy at the outside counter, registration, nurse, doctor, pharmacist ... except, I can't get my anti-viral today as the main pharmacy is close on Sunday - so tomorrow, I need to head to the hospital again for the meds. Thank you GOD!

Then, another fellow senior lupie suggested that I start on the anti-viral ASAP! So, I scouted around and managed to get to a clinic for one day's prescription. Acyclovir 800mg x 5 times - just for today - will get the rest tomorrow at the hospital.

Anyway, it is by chance that I got into this clinic, they are quite well-stocked, so if anyone needs to fill prescriptions, try :- (better than pharmacy, friendly too)

Poliklinik T&C
30 Ground Floor,
Jln 34/154
Tmn Bukit Anggerik,
Off Batu 7,
Cheras 56100 - KL
Tel :- 03-91022920

For lupies, it is recommended to take the anti-virals at regular intervals (in my case, 7.00, 11.00, 15.30, 20.30, 00.30) to effectively "whack" the "buggers" - the idea is to maintain a therapeutic level of "Acyclovir" to fight. Why lupies need anti-virals? Main reason being our immune system has been suppressed (to control our condition) and therefore, "virus" can become wild and cause greater complications.

In summary - FAQ about Chicken Pox :-
(copied and paste from several sites ....)

- Chickenpox is the primary (?) infection with the varicella-zoster virus (VZV).

- Humans are the only animals(?) that get chicken pox.

- Spread through secretions and by tiny droplets.

- In serious cases of chickenpox in people with a weak immune system, aciclovir which works specifically against chickenpox, can be used.

- After a chickenpox red spot appears, it usually takes about 1 or 2 days for the spot to go through all its stages. This includes blistering, bursting, drying, and crusting over. New red spots will appear every day for up to 5 to 7 days. You can go back to work, school, or day care when all blisters have crusted over. This is usually about 10 days after the first symptoms start.


Norly Azman said...


What a coincidence, i just got my chicken pox for the last 7 days! And yeah, my GP also gave the worries, when you take them, your chciken pox won't be so bad...

One important advice...dont scratch the will so gatal until u cannot stand it but be patient, ok?

lupie said...

My scalp is now itching like mad! As though it is infested with fleas ... oh man ..... it will be tough to sleep tonight!

Dad say "No mandi" but I took a shower anyway!!!!!!!!!! Madness!!!!
Chicken Pox a week before Chinese New Year is no fun!!

The Chair Speaks said...

Do be careful after you have recovered from Varicella Zoster as it can develop into Herpes Zoster.
Have noted the clinic which is near my house that sells this anti-viral drug. Thanks.

Anya said...

Very interesting to read !!!

Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

Blackie007 said...

Don't worry about the moon crater. I had one on my left eyebrow, too, but after a while, the crater has "filled up" and is no longer visible. The anti-viral should clear it up soon, before CNY, I think. Try using calamine lotion for the itch. I kind of remember the doc gave me some anti-itch oral medication when I had chicken pox. See if you can get that.

Ah Fatt said...

baguslah hospital tu
good servis