Monday, February 15, 2010

Burping ... Cappuccino ..

Yes ... it sucks to be burping "cappuccino" I had at 9am in IKEA and it is now 2.37pm!!

Appetite still not back - I want to eat but food just makes me feel sick / nausea.
This is not good ..

I bought my favourite banana+butter+peanut KIK KOK, thinking it will bring back the "TIGER" in me ... but instead, it brought the "PIG" in my husband - he ate it all ...

Today - I exchanged all my AMEX points into Harvey Norman vouchers - just to get a new vacuum cleaner - well, it is 8500 Maybank Treatpoints to RM 50 voucher. One vacuum cleaner + water filter cartridge were just right - only had to pay additional RM 4 !!

Now I am feeling sleepy ... and still burping "cappuccino" ..

I have no energy left ... need to recharge - wake me up when my "ultraman" button on my chest is "blue" - can't fight monster now ...


Anonymous said...

nanti husband nak cium pon bau cappucino

The Chair Speaks said...

Wow, you can drink cappuccino? I can't drink a cup as I get hyper and start shaking due to the caffeine.

Has the 'chicken' left?

Are you still on Acyclovir? It is tough to take it 5 times a day.

Am really glad that you are on Calcitrol as well.

lupie said...

Ah Fatt - Bau Kopi baru la romantis sekali ...

Kerusi - Yes, "chicken" left, no more Acyclovir - thank god!
BTW, are you allergic to caffeine? Or is it a condition?
Yes, Calcitrol rocks - otherwise
my bones will .. :)

WELL, TIGER, TIGER brings me great health this year!!!!!!!!