Friday, March 19, 2010


Detachment, non-attachment - I have to overcome my desire of clinging on to my current part-time job, I know, it is bad.

Health comes first.

Time to pause and think, reassess my directions ...
I wanted to work today, come on idiot - think - think - think - don't second "health" again!

Came to know that Boss is looking at "resumes", replacing me perhaps ... more of a reason to detach. Remember, no matter how hard we work, efforts that we put it, at the end of the day - we are all "replaceable" !! Don't be a knucklehead!

I want to slap myself ..

Feeling a little warm today, mouth is dry ... plus "blur" - I can't remember if I have taken my meds, but I think I did .. :)


Old Kitty said...


Did yesterday go ok? I hope so!

Take care and take things easy, one day at a time, it's all we can do, one day at a time.


Papa meow said...

I hope so u ok today, take a rest,

Take k again ;D

The Chair Speaks said...

Your immediate job now is to relax and get well, not go to office to work!

lupie said...

Thank you all for the "knock on me head" ... life is not all about working hard to make others rich! :)

Jacqueline said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog; I'm so sorry to come here for a visit and realize you are ill and in pain...The most important thing you must concentrate on is getting better; I hope your treatment on Thursday went as well as you could expect...Hang in there, you are stronger than you realize...Blessings to you.

Dee said... first. I struggle with this as are not alone. I am self employed and well....have not worked in six months. Hang in there and take care.