Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hellooooo... IV Cyclo

My first encounter with IV Cyclo ..... :) It was in a bag presented as a clear liquid, with my name written on the label.

It was done at the "Day Care Complex" of Hospital Selayang - I was there before 9.00 am and after waiting for about 45 minutes, due to some confusion (and also me, being a first timer), I was asked to change to a "hospital gown", five minutes later, they realised it was not required and I had to change back to my own clothes. Plus, I was suppose to go direct to the "Medicine Section" and not wait 45 minutes at the waiting area! Never mind that, only proves that I am not the only confused person in the world!

The kind nurse asked, "bed or chair?" - she recommended bed as it can be a long job! Okie, fine by me. She then started an IV line on my left wrist, took some blood for test and then, saline drip.

Doctor then came at about 12 (I think) look at some results before giving the "okay" to proceed. Nice doctor, made me feel good when he said "once you are our patient, we will take care of you, come to us if you have problems" - yes, this is the "Nephrology Doc" speaking.

With the saline drip on, it made my bladder very full and I had to go release! Yes, that's what it was supposed to do exactly, flush my system. I then realised they had a special locked toilet (with a golden key to unlock) for chemo patients!!

By 13:30, saline drip complete, now for the "real thing" - IV Cyclo. Before IV Cyclo, they injected via the IV line a big syringe of "anti-nausea" solution. At 13:45 the IV Cyclo begins - I tossed, turned and slept.

IV Cyclo drip was completed about 2 1/2 hours later, then another bottle of Saline followed. This time, the Saline drip was on "speedy gonzales" pace - in less than an hour, it "finishto" and I was ready to go home with 3 tablets of anti-nausea drug.

Did I feel nauseous? Not really - hunger had taken over! :) Imagine I only had breakfast, no lunch! What's there to throw up?


sI tEDI said...

t care sis

Papa meow said...

take care 2 :D