Friday, March 05, 2010

Kidney Biopsy Result : Lupus Nephritis Class III (A) and V

OC Final Diagnosis


There you have it ...

I now have Lupus Nephritis Class III (A) and V.
Activity Index : 7/24
Chronicity Index : 2/12

Oh man, I do rock!
I appear to get worse with time ..

First flare - low WBC, low BP, fever - into ICU but recovered relatively quickly

Second flare - low WBC, low platelet, fever - hospitalised for weeks ..

Third flare - "THIS ONE?" - didn't even realised it was happening! I thought it was just one of my "unwell" days!
(Now we know why they say there are very few signs or symptoms of lupus nephritis! Even my rheumatologist thinks I look fine when I last saw her, yeah the one doc who got me steam blowing of me head!)


Bad News - it is Lupus Nephritis,

Not-So-Bad News - it is Class III - very early stage of more advanced lupus nephritis.

Scary News - Treatment plan is corticosteriod and IV cyclophosphamide (cylco) a type of chemo-drug once a month for 6 months to induce "remission". Side-effects can be overwhelming to a duck-wannabe like me - especially on the part that I "may" risk laying infertile eggs in the future with the "cyclo" treatment!

My first IV "cyclo" will be mid this month - wish me luck! My whole birthday month is full of hospital appointments, blood test - oh man, I rock again!!


sI tEDI said...

tak berapa faham dengan stage2 tu sis.

apa pun saya harap kamu sentiasa kuat dan berfikiran positif!

The Chair Speaks said...

Corticosteroid! Aarrgghh!

Lila said...

Oh, that is sad news- I hope you are OK- you will get through it.

What do you think about "alternative" medicine? Have you ever tried anything? I tried some stuff and it didn't work but I really think diet helps (i've changed some of what I eat and it seems to make my symptoms less) but I know everyone is different so it is hard to know which things to try.

I wish you good luck and will keep you in my prayers x

Blackie007 said...

geez, I don't know what to say except that I really admire you for your bravery & strength in facing your illness. words seem useless in such situation, so I'll just send u lots of hugs & positive thots & vibes. get well soon. {{{hugs}}}

Shaista (Lupus in Flight) said...

I am so sorry to read of this diagnosis... how are you feeling today? Are you drinking plenty of water to keep flushing out your kidneys? Try to eat less salt and meat if you can for a while.
Thinking of you xx