Sunday, March 07, 2010

A very tiring day ....

What a tiring Saturday.

First, we took Summer, Sunshine, Wolfie and Momo for their "snip" at Baby Pets - brought them home at about 6.00pm.

In between and after - I've been busy with flight bookings for the re-mobilisation. I am indeed going crazy!
Flipping between AirAsia, MAS, Bavatia Air, Lion Air ... comparing prices ... oh god! It is madness!

By the end of the day, I learned that Indonesia is such a big big country! And also Ujung Pandang is also known as "Makasar". PLUS, Lion Air flies extensively throughout Indonesia - good rate too except ... I can never understand why they refuse to accept credit card booking UNLESS the credit card holder is one of the travelling parties! HUH!!!!?????!!!!!???? Thank goodness AIR ASIA & MAS is not like that!

I still haven't sort out the domestic sector of their flights! Dammit!


The Chair Speaks said...

Baby Pets does excellent jobs!

katztales said...

Why not leave it to a travel agent?

lupie said...

Kerusi - YES, Baby Pets is very good!

Katztales - Very short notice was given to arrange the travel and it was over the weekend!