Friday, April 16, 2010

Is this all in my head???????

I've taken 1,2,3,4 ...... 14 Cellcept 500mg.

First two days, I felt a little nauseated...
Now, I am hungry all the time...
My hubby said I've behaving strangely since yesterday.
He said I have been "hyper-active" - huh?

Am I getting better? Or is this all in my head?
Or Am I having mental problem?
Or Is it the fact that I'm taking such pricey meds making me feel better?

Strange ...


Lila said...

Hope your feeling better for real. Take it easy though- you don't want to do too much when you are feeling well and then crash. Nice and slow!

Old Kitty said...

Oh I do hope it's because you are feeling better! Please rest and take things slow like Lila says!

And if your body is telling you it wants food then I hope you feed it lots of protein rich stuff!


You are definitely not mental - just lovely and gorgeous!! And they are the best state of mind to be!

Take care

sI tEDI said...

take care sis... said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you... hope you and your kidneys are feeling sooo much better. i'm on cellcept too... *hugs* i'm sometimes hungry and sometimes not... i take mine at night with no food and lots of water.

*big big hugs*

i think about you lots because i know you have been suffering. xoxox

Blackie007 said...

how are u now, lupie? it's been 5 days....hope u're a lot better. {{{hugs}}}