Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rest day ... today ...

Not working today, under duress by the royal highness - my hubby.

He said I am an asshole, history will repeat itself and I will end up in the hospital again. Third time won't be so lucky.

Well I am well remembered by my hubby as an idiot who took paracetamol daily and went to work (for a whole week!) while having a fever of 39C (<--- don't ogle, not my cup size, C=celcius). Lucky my brain didn't get fried.

For sake of world peace, I listened to him and did not go to work.

Mind you, it does not hurt the company.
I am daily paid, I don't get paid if I don't work.
I am not one of those who maximise on medical as much as the labour law or contract covers. I am not a LAZY BUMP!

So, I am going to sleep today - hibernate as planned, but one day only.


Lila said...

Have a good long sleep. Too bad no sick pay:( but not worth getting more sick! Take care x

Blackie007 said...

Have a good rest, Lupie. Maybe you should not work at all....I remember you were so much healthier before you got this part-time job. It's not worth it to earn the extra cash just to fall sick...let his royal highness work harder for extra cash.

Old Kitty said...

Oh you silly thing

You rest as much as possible and listen to his royal hubby-ness!!!

Please, please, please take care!!

This world is a better world with you firmly in it!

Big hugs

lupie said...

Hmmm ... I didn't get to hibernate.
Hmmm ...
Hmmm ...

Calls, emails just won't stop. Everything is urgent.

Can't they read?