Sunday, April 04, 2010

My Gigi ...

Remember the story of my two molars needing root canal and crown?
Well, they have been filled by a very nice lady dentist in Hospital Selayang. No private dentist would want to fill up two holes which are oh-so-big.

I believe, among the blur-blur sotongs in the ocean, we do have dolphins of human intelligence. Muahahahahaha ... compassionate too.

Thank you nice lady dentist, I don't even know your name.
You have strike-off ONE WORRY on my list.


MeRy said...

At gets done.

Sugar Snit said...

I just read through your blog and am SO angry that your doctors are not treating your cramps properly. OF COURSE your cramps are to do with your condition. This is the most ridiculous thing on the planet. Your potassium is low. They need to give you a supplement. sometimes doctors are such arrogant assholes. I wish we could beat them. When they give you too many preds it makes your potassium low. Tell your doctor that and ask for potassium. Tell them your SMART AMERICAN FRIEND TOLD YOU SO and then PUT YOUR MIDDLE SAUSAGE finger up and say "and she says FUCK YOU YOU ARROGANT ASSHOLE".


Old Kitty said...


Dentists. Yuck! But glad this nice dentist was amazing with you and did a fine job helping you because teeth needing root canal work is PAINFUL!!!

I had one years ago and it was agony...!!

So big, big, big hugs to you and the nice lady dentist. Yes sometimes the human race are capable of dolphin like intelligence!


take care

lupie said...

I am really thankful to her, I couldn't really afford two root canals and crowns!! It will cost more than my 13-year old small car!

lupie said...

Sugar! You rock! :) hehehe!

The Chair Speaks said...

Hope the fillings stay put.

I am very scared of anything concerning teeth so I make sure I eat food that contains calcium.

Au and Target said...

Brrrrr, dentists make me shiver and shake! You're very brave; hope it didn't hurt too much!

shoshana said...

I'm so scared to go to the dentist right now. I have a wicked case of shingles and a titanium knee. All I need right now is an infection from teeth cleaning.

I'm right there with you on the mascot thing- round, rounder, roundest. Keep writing and keep your sense of humor

lupie said...

Kerusi - Touch Wood! The filling will remain put, forever, ever and ever ...

Au&Target - Me too, dentists make me cry big time!

Shoshana - I just had my chicken pox early this year, so in another word, door is now open for Shingles! I know it hurts big time. I hope you feel better soon!

Blackie007 said...

I prefer to let my teeth rot away in my mouth than visit a dentist.... :D