Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pulau Redang, for the rich and famous only?

Being NOT the rich and famous, or rich or famous enough to get anyone to pay anything for me .. I shooked my head in disbelief (almost like I was under the influence of esctacy) when I read on THE STAR ...

Ding Dong # 1 said..

“Only hotels rated five-star and above will be allowed to be built,”

"In future, only wealthy individuals would be able to afford holidays in Pulau Redang as hotel rooms will cost no less than US$500 (RM1,599) a night"

“Efforts must be made to save the island from deteriorating environmentally. Those on budget excursions can visit other islands like Pulau Kapas and Pulau Perhentian that are equally charming.”

Then, Ding Dong # 2 added ...

"He believed the move by Ding Dong # 1 was initiated out of concern for the environment as damage to the corals had been extensive."

Dear Mr. Ding Dong (s) - two Ding Dongs, in plural - pls notice the "s", no pun intended.

Ding Dong # 1, if you love the corals, stop all development, may it be 5-stars, 3-stars or even 6-moons hotel wanting to build there. How can you even intend to make "Pulau Redang" to be exclusively available to only "wealthy" people?????!????!?

Amazingly enough, you said those on "budget" to go to Pulau Kapas and Pulau Perhentian? It is like saying, let's go dump rubbish elsewhere ... how about there and there?

Ding Dong # 2, hahaha, you make me laugh trying to suck-up to Ding Dong # 1.

Yours Sincerely,

Ding Dong # 3


Old Kitty said...


Ding Dong 3 should rule the world! We love Ding Dong3 and I bet she is even lovelier than Michele Yeoh!

Oh how true - Ding Dongs 1 and 2 should be kicked off the islands asap and made to pick up litter and clean up all the oil spills and do penance to the corals! Silly ding dongs 1 & 2!


take care

Sugar Snit said...

We love Ding Dong #3 too!

Wealthy People enjoy ruining the environment so they can tsk tsk the ruining of the environment and go elsewhere to ruin other environments.


Blackie007 said...

Ding Dong # 3 should be the PM of M'sia and tell ding dong 1 & 2 to go suck an egg.....that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard...M'sia is really regressing if we're trying to break society into classes again, the elite rich, and the common peasants! aaarrgghhh!!!!