Friday, June 18, 2010

The Very Original Purpose of my Blog ..

I started this blog on a Thursday night, 10-August-2006 because I was so pissed with my ex-boss. It was a "bitching" blog, which I kept very low profile, quietly ..... Supposedly a secret, dark little black blog ...

This blog was born in Bangkok, Thailand - not Malaysia.

I was one very angry, upset and ill person. I was seconded to Bangkok on a short-term basis and ended up being there for cumulatively 18 months. I had to visa run every 3 months! Go for foot massage whenever "immigration personnel" turns up in the office! How cool is that?

Of course, getting myself hospitalised twice was the highlight of my "lupus" - I've never had a "real flare" before ... until, Bangkok.

Stress did get to me.

I could still remember what a fool I was telling my "knight-in-the-shinning-armour" - Dr. Porawat, "Give me other meds, this is not working, I am still having fever, I need to close the accounts tomorrow.!"

Dr. Porawat looked at me and said, "You have to stop thinking about work - you need to be admitted, your WBC is down to 0.7"

I looked at him blankly - at that point of time, I was having very high fever with chills and my vision was blurry! Alone, in a foreign land without insurances at a very expensive hospital! YIKES!

That night, I was transferred to the ICU as they couldn't get my blood pressure up. (and now, I have high BP! where was the pressure when I need it!!!!!)

Funny, but I've never been hospitalised before until .... Bangkok. It was a "virgin hospitalisation" - hahahaha!
I never knew what to expect. Didn't know if I could wear underwear with the hospital gown, well, I am glad I did!

It was a nightmare when I paid the hospital bill - I had to pay using several credit cards!!!!! Did get the company to reimburse me though, but gosh, it was embarrasing!

Oh well, I am glad that this blog is longer that "angry" and hopefully gets happier with time ...... :)

Have a wonderful, fun and good weekend everyone!!!!!


The Chair Speaks said...

You are a brave girl!
I have not been hospitalised as I pleaded with the doctor that I will self-quarantine and paid all those expensive medication myself (not the company I worked for that time). You must be curious what happened. Patience; will blog about what I went through later.

cazzycazz said...

OMG Lupie had lived in BKK b4!!!! ^_^
Though it wasn't a pleasant experience, but i guess you did enjoy the food there?? ^_^

And so your blog ended up being a meowmy blog now, a brilliant one which enlighten me and many other people! Hugz

Ginger Jasper said...

Bin that must have been a frightening time for you. I am glad that the company at least reimbursed you for the treatment. Now your blog is a very interesting account of life and we get to meet your family and kitties Mum and dad have been to Bangkok for three days on way back from Thailand. Hugs GJ xx

Hannah and Lucy said...

Lupie - it must have been very scary being in hospital in a foreign country - their ways must have been so different. Glad to hear the company reimbursed you for all your treatments - it would have been nice of them to give you something on account while you were still undergoing treatment to save you worrying about paying on top of everything else.

Hope you have a good weekend and give Lupie a smooch from Hannah and Lucy and Sue xxx
With love to you both.

Hannah and Lucy said...

I meant give Lucky and smooch not Lupie!! Think it must be hunger - will get something to eat before I do anything else silly!!

Marg said...

Lupie, that sounds like a horrible experience to be in a hospital in a foreign country. Glad you got out of there all right and the bills were paid for you. We are sure glad you started blogging. We really enjoy your blog and hearing all about your kitties and especially Lucky.
Have a wonderful week end all of you.

Kea said...

Bin, I can't even imagine the sheer terror of being alone in a new country and dealing with dire health issues. I'm glad you were reimbursed in the end, but what an experience.

And now, through Lucky, I was able to "meet" you via cyber-space--so I'm glad you are still blogging!

Take care!

Jacqueline said...

I'm so glad that time in your life is behind you and you have found your way to a happier life...You were very courageous on your own and ill in a foregin country and your courage is still very evident today...You are a strong, loving woman and I am proud to "know" you and be your friend...What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, right?!...Hang in there and always look for the positive, even in bad situations="Every moment of life, whether filled with pain or joy, has the potential for grace realized"...You rock, Bin!!!...Happy weekend and kiss Lucky for us!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin!! I love your "bitch" blog piece - because it still came across as sweet - especially that pic of those lovely biscuits!! Awwww!

But of course you were so ill and in a different country and you had to be hospitalised too! What a horrific time for you.

I'm so glad you continued with this blog though. I think the best thing about your blog is that you keep a fantastic wry sense of humour inspite of the obvious pain your are suffering - you keep going, you keep raging at the injustices around you and you are a fighter! I am in AWE!

Please take care and continue the good fight against lupus!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Take care

ABBY said...

That had to be a very difficult time in your life. I am glad that time has passed for you and things are so much better. We all better for knowing you!

Hi Lucky!!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

That sounds like it was a very bad time - and I am so glad it is behind you! And I hope that you are happier now and don't feel the need to bitch as much - not that we mind, I just hope it isn't needed! But when it is, feel free to do it here - sometimes that is very helpful. Plus sometimes I admit it is fun to read because people are usually very honest at those times! Have a good weekend!!

Katnip Lounge said...

Holy Cow! I would have been scared witless.
I was very ill in Mexico once...thank goodness my Hubby was there with me. You do what you have to do, but it takes courage to go to a hospital, let alone in a strange land.
Hats off to you!

I'm glad to know you...Give your kitty babies a hug and kiss from me.
MomKat Trish