Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lucky's Happy Merdeka 2010!!

Hello all, as you can see - Lucky is taking care of Meowmmy as she sleeps on the floor (wearing her "funny pants" !!!!! ) after a long day cleaning our room.

Meowmmy's been very tired lately. She says she is lucky to have friends all over. She says, I am her lucky star - she can be 'real' to friends she met on the net because of ME?

Well .. Lucky will let Meowmmy rests.
Today is a public holiday - Happy Merdeka (Independence) to ALL!


Kea said...

Lucky, we can see you're a wonderful nurse to your mom!

Big smooches to you and hugs and healing Light to your mom, and happy Merdeka to you all!

Old Kitty said...

Awww sweet Lucky!! You look after meowmy and her amazing trousers now! LOL!! She needs lots of purrs and extra special kitty hugs from you and all her furr family too!

Happy Merdeka to you too!!

Take care

Brian said...

Give your Meowmy a big hug from all of us and Happy Merdeka!

Boonie S said...

Cool pants.... Cool cats know this.

Have a good day, Boonie

Ginger Jasper said...

Give your mum a huge furry kiss from me and lots love from mum. You keep on looking after her for us all.. Hugs GJ xx

Jacqueline said...

Lucky, you know what it is to suffer and we know you are taking excellent care of your Mommy just like she took care of you!!...You are such a handsome sweetheart and we love you!!...Praying and purring for you to feel better, Bin; sending you love and big hugs...Hang in there, sweetie...xoxo, sending extra kisses to Lucky...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Katnip Lounge said...

Lucky, we don't know who was the luckiest when your Mom found you...we think it was US! We are so happy to know you and be pals. And our Mommy thinks your Mom is a fantastic person and a scrapper! She really admires that.

We are glad you have enough mighty Cat strength to hold your Mom down and get her to rest a little. Cuddle up, handsome!

pee ess: nice pants. LOL!

The Chair Speaks said...

Whoa, if you didn't explain what was happening, we would have thought that you were hanging on to Meowmmy's legs while she was trying to escape crawling away from you. LOL! Nice pants!

meowwmania said...

wahh sonoknya dpt tgk Lucky! membuatkan monday blues menjadi monday yg sggh ceria :D

Lucky nmpk makin kacak la auwwww...

cyg Lucky muahhh!

Blackie007 said...

Yeah, I totally agree with Kerusi. It looks like you were clinging to meowmmy's legs as she desperately tries to crawl away from you. :D
I love those 'funny' pants...they're very comfy. :)

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Happurry Indy Day to you too! Your 'bumm' sure looks cute, all healed up and furry again!

shoshana said...

Looking at your kitty pictures makes me miss the kitties we used to have. Unfortunately, I'm so allergic that I don't dare keep one.

ABBY said...

YOu are so sweet to your Mom.
You're looking fabulous too.
We are so glad to see how happy you are.


Hannah and Lucy said...

We thought you were trying to stop your mom from escaping your nursing skills!!
HaHa!! luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

AttieCattie said...

hi, Lucky! good to see you are so vigilant in taking care of your mommeh. make sure she gets lots of rests! and Happeh Merdeka!!!