Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Queen Lupie

With a crown.
I shall bestow upon myself, a title befitting myself  - Queen Lupie
(yikes! what sort of English is that?)
Heck, the crown is not even fitted yet!

My soon-to-be-fitted-crown-may-look-like-this.

Hmm ... maybe not that 'gold' ..
Probably 'nickle' ..
Heck, I don't know.

My super huge filling (of my upper left molar) "dropped / chewed / cracked" off yesterday (Happy Valentine's Day!) while I was having a bun! Hmmmm....
I panicked as today is a Public Holiday in Malaysia 
(Today's my "Chinese (i.e. Lunar)" Birthday too!)

Still, with the purrs of the kitties indoor and outdoor, I've managed to see a dentist today to resolve my woes, temporary at 32T Dental Clinic. (Dentist in Puchong area)
To put it short, I need a crown, for I'm a Queen with mighty ....  small coffer.
I shall revamp the tax structures!!
The people shall pay for my Crown ... muahahahah...
If only there are tax payers.

Another lupus ranting brought to you by

P:S: Not all bad - I was at Hospital Selayang yesterday and the Nephrology doctor wrote "Renal Remission" Yay!!

My medications are now slowly being tapered down to lowest possible maintenance dosage!

And I'm getting a crown soon...
(This is when the Credit Card comes into the picture.)

Long Live the Queen!!


Kea said...

Hurrah for "renal remission!" That's fantastic!

As for the crown...Good luck! I was one of the rare folks for whom it took many months to desensitize enough to even chew a bit on that side (crown is on a back molar). I hate the thought of having any more...shudder. So you have my sympathies and my good wishes that all goes well!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Hail Queen Lupie! purrr....meow!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are delighted about renal remission - we hope you did your "happy" dance!!
Hope your dental woes are tiny and we look forward to seeing Queen Bin sat on her throne!
Hannah and Lucy send purrs to Lucky xx xx

Old Kitty said...

Queen Bin of sillylupie land!!!! Me and Charlie are bowing at your brilliance!! We are so happy you've got your new crown and are in remission!! Yay for you!!! Hugs to all your kitties!

Take care

Brian said...

YAY FUR SURE!!!!! Happy dances all around!

Luscious Lucy said...

I swear, isn't it always the thing fixed and another breaks. Same over here. BUT, the remission is fabulous! That's worth it's weight in gold. Sorry about that tooth, though. Crowns are expensive but they last a long, long time, so that's good.

Blackie007 said...

Long live Queen Lupie! *bowing on my knees* :D
And happy belated Chinese birthday! Hey, if it's your Chinese birthday, then your birthday has come and gone??!! If that's so, then a very happy belated birthday, and hope my late wishes of good health, fortune, love, happiness and peace will be accepted by you. *muacks*