Friday, September 23, 2011


If my 'lil blob would have continued, and grow, I am sure he'll be one very stubborn child.

I've not been blogging as my mind is all messed-up.
At this point of time, I feel like kicking the OBGYN doctors in Selayang Hospital.

One word - F###

After my miscarriage last month and a scan that showed not further medical intervention required - I am happy because it means I can move on. My bleeding was not very heavy and it stopped after a week.

One fine day. I did a UPT test and there it was, a faint positive line.
I thought to myself, "Hey, I must be a cat! I ovulate when in heat, in presence of sperm! How cool is that?"
My happiness turned into worri'ness' when the lines weren't getting darker.
It got slightly darker, then remained at the same shade.

I waited for 2 weeks, went to the hospital and as usual their crappy UPT can't detect anything - negative.
I know there's HCG in my system somehow. I went to a nearest GP for a Beta HCG test.
Got my result on Monday, it was 70 and I have been spotting.

I waited for another week. Why another week? Well, I had a  follow-up Nephro. Two causes, one trip to hospital. So fine. I am such a great planner .... :)

I took my blood report to the OBGYN reception. I explained to her I had a miscarriage last month and I am worried of three things. First, I am now pregnant and going through another MC. Second, there are leftover cells from my previous MC. Third, something else?

30 minutes later, the receptionist said to me. "The doctor" said go take another UPT, if it is negative and based on your blood result, "You are NOT PREGNANT". I asked her if  "The doctor" looked through my 'medical records', apparently "The doctor" DID NOT.

I persisted, I said that I have lupus and asked that "The doctor" look at my medical records. After 10 minutes or so, "The doctor" decided to see me.

I went in, there's a blur-blur sotong staring at me. I asked for my last beta HCG done in the hospital a month ago, it was 60. HCG should be going down, not up after miscarriage - in theory.

Then "The doctor" came and first thing she said to me "You are NOT PREGNANT" ....

Oh #$$%#%#$  ... the way she make it sound like I was some kind of "mom-wannabe" mentally challenged freak.

Without looking at my records again. She went on explaining that HCG takes a while to come down and how it halves every 48 hours. Hmmm...
Then I said to her, a month ago it was 60, check my records. Now it is 70?

Again she said "You are NOT PREGNANT" ...

Then she explained that lab machines are different, therefore could be reason for the increase by 10 to 70. Hmmm... Come on. This is after one month! If my blood result is showing 25 or so, I wouldn't even be bothered!

Anyway after much facts arguing  discussion, she said I acted 'defensive'.
Well, get turn away often and you'll know how to defend!

At the end, she ordered another beta HCG. She then did an abdominal scan, which was like less than 2 minutes and I asked her if there's anything left in there, she said "nothing". I am very skeptical over her 'scanning' skills.

Plus, she 'fingered' me to check and didn't telling me what it was for!!!!!

I requested for medicine to encourage menstruation and of course, she said that I wait. #@%@$#%##%

So, to see them again on 3/10.

I hate waiting, so, today, I went to see a private OBGYN clinic with my results for a second opinion.
Yup, it is not normal for HCG to stay on after a month of miscarriage.
Should be preferably less than 5.
He, (yes, doctor a 'He') scanned and unlike "The doctor" in Hospital Selayang - he did it thoroughly and detected a 'mass', he said it could be leftover cells.
He tried to remove it but was 'too deep' -  he did showed me some white tissues which he managed to reach.

Here I am now with pills to speed-up menstruation and hopefully flushes IT out and some antibiotics.

I am totally pissed with OBGYN's "The doctor" in Hospital Selayang.
It doesn't mean that if it is under GOVERNMENT it should be SUB-STANDARD!!!

I pray that IT (is indeed a leftover cells), flushes out completely, I won't have any complications and can go on heat as soon as possible... hehehehe ......

Gosh, it feels so good to rant!


Whisppy said...

That sure is one crappy OBGYN at Selayang Hospital! I would go give her a piece of my mind once everything is settled. Real dumb.
Take care...

m.q said...

grrrr...stoopid doctor!!!

meowwmania said...

bengong ah dokter tu!

take care aunty lupie, we luv u!! (jejebon)

Old Kitty said...

Booooooooooo to the OBGYN in that hospital!! :-( I'm just glad you got a second opionion asap - but you're right - you shouldn't have had to! :-(

Hugs!!! Take care

The Chair Speaks said...

They do drive you up the walls sometimes. And the long wait to see them doesn't help either!

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh no wonder you wanted to rant at the stupid doctors.. Glad you got the second opinion and hope the tablets help.. You take care and please be careful.. Hugs GJ xx

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I am so sorry that you were treated in such an awful and insensitive should report how they treated you

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so sorry Bin - the first doctor should have been more sympathetic and spoken to you kindly. Thank goodness the second doctor was nicer. Anytime you want to rant mum will listen to you.
Luv Hannah and Lucy & mum Sue xx xx

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lupie,
If you could give us more detailed description of that doofus of an OBGYN? We live not too far from that hospital....there's a lot that six felines can do... anyway, ((((((HUGS)))))) wish we could ease your pain. purrr...meow!

Au and Target said...

I hope she reads this and feels ashamed. Doubt it though. Sounds like she's a doctor because of the money, not because of the care factor.

Blackie Bond said...

I say you post this in the Selayang Hospital's Facebook page, let her & her colleagues read it. Some of them are really useless, and should never be doctors. They are just going through the motion of the job.

There are a few who truly care for the well-being of their patients, but those are really rare ones.

Take care, and keep us posted. I've been thinking of you and wondering how you are.

lupie said...

Thank you ALL....

It is worrying (at least to me) that my HCG seems to be lurking around in my system eventhough I am no longer pregnant.

Most of the time, I try to be a nice patient taking in their crappy consultation. BUT, I can only stand a certain level of 'crappiness' - more than that I burst!

Anyway, I hope everything will work out eventually .... Meow!!!