Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Dream of Dead People


I've been dreaming of dead people lately.

First, there was this dream of my grandmother and grandauntie (both 'late') trying to open a safe.
Second, dream of my little 'blob' on the screen.
Third, my grandfather's funeral (he was long gone before I was born), with my grandmother and I sort of screw-up some rituals, ended up holding a 'key', which I denied having earlier!!!!!

More goose-bumps.
Pls, some lucky numbers instead!


Mr Puddy said...
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Mr Puddy said...

I got no idea about the number for you, but you can check this out to know the meaning of your dream

Fuzzy Tales said...

And we found this:


To see the dead in your dream forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. This dream may also be a way for you to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes material loss.

If you dream of a person who has died a long time ago, then it suggests that a current situation or relationship in your life resembles the quality of that deceased person. The dream may depict how you need to let this situation or relationship die and end it. meanings by

To see and talk with your dead parents in your dreams represent your fears of losing them or your way of coping with the loss. You are using your dream as a last opportunity to say your final good-byes to them.

To see your dead sibling, relative, or friend alive in your dream indicates that you miss them and are trying to relive your old experiences you had with them. In trying to keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, you dreams may serve as your only outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Ginger Jasper said...

I think it because you have been thinking of them lately and maybe they are watching over you.. Hugs GJ x

Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin! Every so often I dream of my dad and sister (both gone) and it's quite a shock to wake up to realise they're dreams because they seem so real and alive in my dreams. I guess for me, I miss them deep down.

Big hugs to you, take care

Tillie and Georgia said...

These people must be on your mind and that is why you dream of them.
Lucky numbers? Why not try random.
Purrs Tillie & Georgia

Hannah and Lucy said...

We think somewhere in your subconscious you must have thought of these people perhaps because of your miscarriages. They will not hurt you and are just watching over you.
Take care Bin
Luv Hannah, Lucy & mum Sue xxxxxx

Jacqueline said...

We would like to think they are all your angels watching over and protecting you; it is always special to revisit loved ones who have passed on in our dreams...Wishing you and your babies peace and love, sweet Bin...Have a fun weekend, precious friends...kisses...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Au and Target said...

Time to go out and relax and find something to laugh at. Oooooooooooor.... play with the cats!

I hope you get over the blues soon.

Blackie Bond said...

I sometimes dream of dead people, too, my late grandma, who is very much alive in my dreams. But I agree with Ellen, time to find something to laugh at. *sending positive thoughts and vibes to you*

EddyBear said...

Today i bought your birthcert number


EddyBear said...

Number "Char Kueh Teow"!!

Au and Target said...

Bit worried about you. Are you OK?