Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Binny : 15w 1d

Dear blog-blog,

Yay! Second Trimester.

Little Binny is now size of an apple!
Another Yay!

My energy level is like a roller-coaster,
Sometimes I roll like a champion,
Sometimes, I feel like a coaster, with a heavy mug on top of me.

Today, I had my blood drawn for next Monday's appointment.
I am sooooo worried.
Very worried.

Must think good things.
I must!

I still don't look pregnant. BUT .... if I suck in my stomach, I see a little baby bump!
Anyway, I now weigh less than before I got pregnant. No thanks to this weird "meat aversion", diarrhea and feeling full most of the time!

Next week, Nephro - Monday,
Private OBGYN - Tuesday (Ultrasound!)

Looking forward to see Little Binny on Ultrasound!!


Old Kitty said...

Yes, lovely Bin! Think good positive and loving thoughts only!! Yay for Little Binny!! Good luck!!! Take care

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are purring for you Bin and we know your baby is snug in your tummy. Here's hoping you get good results next week.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx