Friday, January 11, 2013

Missy Binny : 28 weeks 0 days (3D 4D Scan)

Missy Binny at 28 weeks + 0 days!

Today, we went for a 3D 4D scan at a clinic nearby.
Must say, we are very happy with the service - Jezzlyn is wonderful!
For RM100, you get a 3D 4D, plus a 2D growth ultrasound!

Online booking available at :-

Missy Binny is measuring a bit small, about a week behind.
Estimate to weigh about 1057 grams!

Technology is simply amazing!

And, this is Missy Binny .... with her legs up by her head, also known as "breech".

No worries though, many babies will re-position themselves by 35 / 36 weeks!


Mr Puddy said...

This is magic ! so clear to see the baby !
Happy Hugs to you

Ginger Jasper said...

That is just wonderful and thank you so much for sharing those magical pictures.. Hugs GJ xx